PaddlingBasic Kayak Skills

Basic Kayak Technique

How to paddle.

Explain the difference between paddling with straight blades and feathered blades. Where possible learn how to kayak a feathered paddle. It’s easier to get into a good habit from the beginning than change a bad habit later on.  


  • Paddle straight, stop, back up, draw stroke.
  • How to turn
  • How to brace
  • Paddling backwards
  • Drift to determine winds and current.
  • To paddle push as well as pull. Low elbows.  
  • Using the full body

Point the kayak into wave or lean into waves.

There’s a lot more.. add some YouTube video. 

Here’s a great article from the NY Times on Paddling Form and Technique for Exercise

Capsize Practice

The Bay is cold, and eventually you may find yourself taking an unexpected dip in the water. With our kayaks, this should not be a big deal, but you should practice how to recover before that happens

  • Stay calm. 
  • Stay up wind. 
  • Hold on to the paddle. 
  • Scooch up over the side
  • Go to end of boat if really windy and no chance of getting back on the kayak or if you need to catch your breath.