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What to wear Paddling

The time on the water during the kayaking class is about one hour. The weather on the water can be quite changeable, but you’ll want to be prepared to be wet. Your bum will may be in a puddle of water, and you may be splashed with water from spray. At the end of the class, you will practice falling out of your kayak and getting back in. 

…in Winter

In the winter months, the water can be cold in the low 50’s, and the air temperature is not much higher. Combine this with wind and you’ll quickly realize that you need to dress well.

Winter paddling gear? Wetsuit is good… doesn’t need to be full length. Windproof smock/windbreaker. Windproof Pants. Layers.  Polartec shirt. Booties. More dependent on air temperature than water temperature. Wooly hat.  

…in Summer

Summer months (June-Oct) are much more forgiving for kayakers. We advise you wear layers of synthetic clothing with a waterproof top layer.  More detailed suggestions of what to wear kayaking at the end of this document.