Grizzly Bear Challenge

Date: November 27th 12:01AM – December 31st 11:59PM

Goal: 100,000 meters Total on the erg and on the water will get you a T-shirt and the added bonus of a guilt-free holiday season.


Each participant must catalog meters rowed on the erg between the dates of the competition. There will be a tally sheet posted on the bulletin board by the ergs. To increase on the water participation, any out of cove rows & minium of 2 laps at Lake Merced will be counted as 5000 Meters toward your goal. However, you must have a minimum of 50% of ERG meters (50,000) to qualify for the Grizzly T. Also, at least 30% of your ergs must be done at Aquatic Park. Any Club member can put their name on the sheet and start counting.

Please be courteous to the next erger and wipe down the machine with a paper towel. Get your erg on!

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