Dolphin Media Archives

Media Archives

The Dolphin Club’s media archives are a treasure trove of fascinating articles, publications, and videos collected and preserved by our club historians. From the early days of the club’s inception to the present day, the media archives documents the Dolphin Club’s culture, traditions, and values. So, if you’re a boating enthusiast, preparing for your open-water swim, or just curious about the Dolphin Club’s past, dive in and discover the rich history of the Dolphin Club and its members.

Publications and Articles

Alongside the Dolphin Club’s archive of ephemera and artifacts, the Club’s historians have preserved a collection of over 150 Dolphin Club-related publications from the 1800’s to the present. Amongst others these include: competition programs, research into our historic fleet, and news articles regarding the achievements of club and its members. The documents are in PDF format and have been uploaded to Internet Archive where they can be accessed and reviewed. 

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Digital Media

In this collection of digital links, you’ll find videos covering a wide range of Dolphin Club-related topics. All rights remain with the original creators. To add, edit, or remove a link please reach out to

50 year old FRESHMAN Suzanne Heim-Bowen TRAILER, 2012
Directed, produced and edited by Deborah J. McDonald
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Whitehalls thru time at the Dolphin Club, 2016
Anna Mackinnon
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As Warm As It Gets I Dolphin Club Swimmers I Driven: True Stories of Inspiration, 2013
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Tamalpais High School AIM, 2017
Made by Keldon Duane MacGlashan, Mitchell Pardi, Mara Lawlor, and Addy Ball
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Dolphin Club Hula #2, 2015
Bill Burke
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Dolphin & Commercial Rowing Clubs Ringsend Regatta, 1922
Dublin Bay Films
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We welcome donated materials with historic connections to the Dolphin Club. Our team of committed volunteers is always ready to assist researchers, members, and the public who may have questions or seek information. Please reach out to