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Before using any boat at the club, you’ll need to go through an orientation to become familiar with the procedures and use of the craft. Each type of vessel has it’s own introductory class

Training is largely member led. Request Training Here

After your orientation, you’ll be allowed to practice on that craft within Aquatic Park cove and outside the cove in group outings.

Once you’re comfortable with the boat inside the cove, you can seek certification to go outside the cove alone. An instructor will go with you on a longer trip and check that you have the skills and capabilities to take on the more challenging conditions of SF Bay. Part of becoming certified to use any type of boat out of cove will be passing the test on Bay Safety

Once qualified on Dolphin Club craft, you’ll have access to an incredible venue for exercise and personal growth and for exploring one of the world’s most impressive natural estuaries.

Connect with Other Boaters Online

As a new boater, you should join our boating mailing list (members only) at: 

The club also has some WhatsApp groups to help members connect with other members for outings. You can get invites to these groups when you take your orientation, or from other members.