Paddleboards and Kayaks

The club has a fleet of 20 plastic sit-on-top kayaks and a half-dozen SUPs for member use.

Kayaks and SUPs are most commonly used to help support our swimmers, but may also be taken out recreationally too.


Competent swimmers may use kayaks and paddleboards within Aquatic Park cove after a quick orientation which covers basic technique, procedures and how to launch and take care of the craft.

Monthly classes are also held for members who aspire to take kayaks or SUPs further afield. Class time will help you improve your technique and become prepared to handle the rougher more unpredictable waters of San Francisco Bay.

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To become certified to paddle out of cove, members will need to:
  1. Study the Bay Safety course, and pass the written test.
  2. Go for an out-of-cove paddle with one of our instructor paddlers who will check you out.

Where can you go

Once certified, members may paddle along shoreline alone, and across the Bay in small groups. Members may also borrow some of the kayaks and paddleboards for adventures further afield at the discretion of the Boat Captain.