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Being a Dolphin means something different to each of us; we are a community of diverse interests and experiences, and backgrounds, and we welcome all. Some members come for personal challenges, and some are in the house or on the dock for company. Some are motivated by group swims under a full moon, others for rows to the Ferry Building, or for weekly ukulele time or handball matches. And any list would be remiss without mentioning the draw of time together in and around the galley. Others come to get their individual swim or row or time in the weight room before the next item on their daily agenda. Many take the time to help the Club, which as a volunteer-run organization, we always need.

What you see here is us at (Club) work and at play. Clean up? Dress up? Eat up? Warm-up? Show up!

Community Partners

The Dolphin Swimming and Boating Club is proud to partner and support many organizations including:

The Dolphin Log

An institution for over 70 years, the Dolphin Log is published 3 three times a year. 

Download the Dolphin Log’s Summer 2023 Issue HERE

Editor: Keith Howell
Editor: Larry Scroggins
Graphic Designer: Sunny McKee
Swim Stats: Andrew Cassidy
Proofreader: Janice Wood

Recent Editions

Explore the entire Dolphin Log back catalog, going back to 1949, and other club-related articles and publications preserved by our Club historians on the Internet Archive.

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There are several important infrastructure projects happening around Aquatic Park and Fort Mason. These include the Hyde Street Harbor Environmental Cleanup Plan and the Gas House Cove Marina Improvement and Remediation Project.

Hyde Street Harbor Environmental Cleanup Call for Public Comments

April 2022, following observation of fuel sheens at Hyde Street Harbor, the San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board required the Port and Pilot Thomas to submit a cleanup plan to protect and restore water quality and beneficial uses of the Harbor, including aquatic and benthic organisms, and to protect the health of building occupants that could be exposed to volatile hydrocarbon constituents through vapor intrusion.

As required by the Regional Water Board, the Port and Pilot Thomas prepared the Revised Feasibility Study and Remedial Action Plan (FS/RAP) to evaluate cleanup alternatives and propose the alternative that would maximize cleanup of the fuel release and protection of human health and the environment. The proposed remedy includes a combination of technologies that have been proven effective in similar circumstances and includes the excavation of the most-impacted area outlined in red on Figure 1 and the placement of activated carbon at the base of the excavation to further capture residual fuel. A network of groundwater monitoring wells will be installed and monitored after the excavation activities are complete to ensure ongoing reduction in impacts from the release. As a contingency, diesel fuel will be removed from the monitoring wells, as necessary and the floating containment booms will be maintained in San Francisco Bay. 

The public is encouraged to submit comments on the FS/RAP. The public comment period is from September 27, 2023, to October 29, 2023.

Comments should be submitted in writing by October 29, 2023, to:

California Regional Water Quality Control Board, San Francisco Bay Region
Attention: Michelle Thompson
1515 Clay Street, Suite 1400
Oakland, CA 94612

Gas House Cove Marina Improvement and Remediation Project

Proponents: (excerpted from San Francisco Recreation and Parks. Read the complete project overview HERE.)

The San Francisco Marina project is a unique opportunity for San Francisco Recreation and Park Department (RPD) to redevelop the SF Marina into a waterfront park that serves the diverse communities of San Francisco, providing access to the San Francisco Bay for people of all ages and backgrounds. The Project will implement environmental remediation, establish an environmental stewardship program, improve the Marina Bay Trail, and increase public access and recreational amenities in the Marina and parkland. This project is a joint effort by RPD and Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) to ensure an environmentally and fiscally sustainable marina as defined in a 2021 settlement agreement.

Opponents: (excerpted from Learn more HERE.)

The City of San Francisco and PG&E negotiated a toxic waste clean-up settlement that doesn’t clean up 85% of the waste and ruins the iconic public view of the Marina Green.

The settlement was made without public outreach to stakeholders, and the current RPD renovation plan does not address the many serious problems caused by removing public and free view and recreation space and adding private and expensive boat berths in its place.

Photo: Alan Tripp

Due to the significance of this project, there will be two project update presentations to the Rec Park Commission in October. Attend in person or by Zoom. Both meetings will be held in City Hall, Room 416. Check the agenda for Zoom link just prior to the meeting HERE.

Wednesday, October 4th, 2:00pm, City Hall Rm 416

RPD is presenting this project to their Capital Committee. The RPD Capital Committee will then make recommendations to all the Commissioners on whether to proceed.

Thursday, October 19th, 10:00am, City Hall Rm 416

A presentation to the Full Rec Park Commission before voting on whether to proceed.


Wednesday, October 11th, 6:00pm

Sports Basement in the Presidio
Community Room, 610 Old Mason Rd

In addition, the Keep The Waterfront Open Organization is hosting a community meeting where City Supervisor(s) and city officials will be in attendance.