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Being a Dolphin means something different to each of us; we are a community of diverse interests and experiences, and backgrounds, and we welcome all. Some members come for personal challenges, and some are in the house or on the dock for company. Some are motivated by group swims under a full moon, others for rows to the Ferry Building, or for weekly ukulele time or handball matches. And any list would be remiss without mentioning the draw of time together in and around the galley. Others come to get their individual swim or row or time in the weight room before the next item on their daily agenda. Many take the time to help the Club, which as a volunteer-run organization, we always need.

What you see here is us at (Club) work and at play. Clean up? Dress up? Eat up? Warm-up? Show up!

Community Partners

The Dolphin Swimming and Boating Club is proud to partner and support many organizations including:

The Dolphin Log

An institution for over 70 years, the Dolphin Log is published 3 three times a year. Find log archives going back to 1949 here.

Download the Dolphin Log’s Summer 2021 Issue

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We are planning a big renovation of the old boathouse, including building a new foundation for the gym and galley, renovating the galley and updating the infrastructure of the building. To learn more about plans to renovate the building at 502 Jefferson Street click HERE. The costs are substantial and we are asking you to kindly contribute to the upkeep and renovation of this beloved and historic boathouse. Donate to the effort at The Dolphin Swimming and Boating Foundation.

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As of April 2021, we’ve raised nearly $1.75 million. Please help us raise the final $1 million!