Row and Paddle on San Francisco Bay

San Francisco Bay is one of the world’s most impressive natural estuaries, and an incredible playground for boating. As a Dolphin Club member you’ll be able to explore it in our fleet of over 40 boats…. including traditional wooden boats, lightweight rowing shells, kayaks and stand-up paddle-boards. You’ll also become part of a community that includes olympic rowers, ocean adventurers, and many who first touched an oar after joining the club.

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What Can You Do at the Dolphin Club?

Young or old, competitive or mellow. There’s a boating style for everyone!

Learn to Row

Anyone can learn to row. It’s one of the most accessible ways to enjoy being out on San Francisco Bay. The club offers monthly classes for new rowers on our wooden boats, and orientations on shells and coastals for people who’ve rowed before.
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Row for Fitness, Fun and Friendship

Once, trained members may row on the Bay anytime within the limits of our safety rules. Nearby destinations include the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, Angel Island. and the San Francisco city shoreline. Our rowers are a friendly bunch and you’ll learn new things and make new friendships in the process.
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Row on a Team

Team rowing outings are available with our four-person quads and our historic six-oared barge Wieland (Built in 1887). We compete  with our neighbors nextdoor, and with other rowing clubs in the Bay Area.
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Pilot Swims

Looking after our swimmers is at the heart of Dolphin Club Boating. Rowers, kayakers and paddlers and motorized craft show up to help our frequent club swims. 
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Paddle for fun!

Sometimes you just want to grab a standup paddleboard (SUP), a kayak, or a proneboard and enjoy being on the water. Some of our members do paddleboard yoga, others keep an eye on their friends who swim. 
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Row at Lake Merced

For rowers who prefer flat waters, the Dolphin Club has a satellite boathouse at Lake Merced with a half-dozen flat water rowing shells, and storage for personal shells. 
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Maintain Wooden Boats

There club has 15 traditional lapstrake wooden rowing boats. Many were built at the club, and some are over 100 years old!  They need love, care and maintenance to keep them going. Tuesday Boat Night is open to members and non-members alike.  
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Support Swimmers

Our swimmers depend on motorized support for shuttles, navigation and protection. We’ll show you how to operate our motorized fleet and train you in the art of swim piloting. 
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Explore San Francisco Bay

Members frequently get together to explore the further reaches of San Francsico Bay by kayak and rowboat. Every year, a group will row all the way to Sacramento!  


Surfskis are lightweight sit-on-top kayaks well suited for exercise, and paddling on rougher waters like San Francisco Bay. The club has four surfskis and they’re a fun alternative to rowing on windy afternoons.
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Guests & Visiting Rowers

Because of the challenging nature of San Francisco Bay, and the uniqueness of our fleet, we don’t offer rentals or classes to the general public. But club membership is open to all.  Once you’re a member, you’ll have access to classes and mentoring to get you out on the water.

If you are curious about membership at the club, we’ll be happy to show you around. If you’re an experienced rower from another club visiting SF, it is sometimes possible to match you up with another member to go out in a double or team boat.

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Join us for Boat Night

Our fleet of traditional boats needs lots of love and care.

Members and non-members are invited to join Boat Night every Tuesday evening from 6pm to 9pm, where you will learn to look after the unique heritage vessels at the club.

At 5pm, dinner is served to all participants.