Rowing and Paddling on San Francisco Bay

Rowing and paddling on San Francisco Bay is an immensely rewarding activity. The Dolphin Club has a fleet of more than 40 boats available to its members…. including traditional wooden boats, lightweight rowing shells, kayaks and stand-up paddle-boards. Dolphin boaters include former Olympians, former collegiate rowers, and many who first pulled an oar after joining our club

NOTE Boats are available for members only. We offer a range of training classes to help you get out on the water. Once certified, you’ll have access to an incredible location for exercise and personal growth and for exploring one of the world’s most impressive natural estuaries.

Our Fleet

Traditional Rowing Boats

There are 15 wooden rowing boats in our fleet, some of which are over 100 years old. Once certified, members may take these boats out on the bay on their own schedule and within the limits of our safety rules. Nearby destinations include the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, Angel Island. and the San Francisco city shoreline. More »

Coastal & Lightweight Rowing Shells 

Club members have access to over a dozen open-water shells – singles and doubles, and new coastal class open-water boats. Join our Summer Racing Series, and other regattas around the Bay Area and beyond. More »

Kayaks and Surfski

Explore Aquatic Park and San Francisco’s northern shore. 20 sit-on-top kayaks including surfskis are available to members for fitness adventure and swim piloting. More »

Motorized Craft

An essential part of our swim piloting program, we have four motorized inflatable boats. Training is provided in operation, and swimmer safety.

Group Rowing

Team rowing is available on our four-man Coastal LiteBoat and the historic six-oared barge Wieland – Built in 1887

Rowing at Lake Merced

The Dolphin Club also maintains a small boathouse at Lake Merced with a half-dozen flat water rowing shells. Rowing at Lake Merced is available to experienced rowers. More »

Training and Certification

Because of the challenging nature of San Francisco Bay and the uniqueness of our fleet, only Dolphin Club members who have been certified in our training program may use our boats. Classes are offered frequently. See the Boating Guide for more information on training and certification Guests are typically not allowed to use our boats, though it may be possible to join in a double if you are invited by a member.

Join us for Boat Night

Our fleet of traditional boats needs lots of love and care.

Members and non-members* are invited to join Boat Night every Tuesday evening from 6pm to 9pm, where you will learn to look after the unique heritage vessels at the club.

At 5pm, dinner is served to all participants.