South End – Dolphin Club Triathlon

October 18, 2009

SOUTH END: Row – 130 Swim – 136 Run – 171 = 437
DOLPHIN: Row – 75 Swim – 151 Run – 118 = 344


Lauren Wiesenthal – top scorer of both clubs in a complete runaway, winning the swim and coming in 9th in the run for a total of 32 points.

Michael Chase – next-highest scorer with 27 points (3rd in the swim, 12th in the run)
Our other top-10 finishers in the swim – Suzanne Heim-Bowen, Greg Kearney (who flew into SF JUST to swim for us!), John Ottersburg, Jon Ennis, and new member Alison Wagner.

Nobu Takahashi, who totally brought his game despite an injury, finishing third in the run. Our other top runners – Ian Maclean, Ted Tiles, Marlin Gilbert, Daniel Considine, Rick Murray, Rick Avery, and Mark Robinson.

And last but WAY not least our amazing barge team of Charlie McIntyre, Margaret Keenan, Racheal Perry, Dolores Meehan, Gretchen Coffman, Katie Cronin, and Jennifer Votava.

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