Pier 41 Swim

Saturday, January 23
Sign-in: 7 – 7:45 (Please do not expect to be able to sign in after 7:45)
Pilot Briefing: 7:50
Swim Briefing: 8:00 (We need timers at 8, please see Polly)
Walk to Pier 41: 8:15
Jump: 8:30

Pier 41 is our first swim this year. It is an excellent short dash around the Jeremiah O’Brien, outside the breakwater, into the opening and home.
Counts as one mile (four squares).

For out of cove swims there is an annual $40 swim fee, and you MUST be registered with Pacific Masters for 2010. If you have already given us your Masters reg for New Years, we have it and you don’t need to show it again. However you do still need to bring your swim fee. Everyone else must bring the Masters reg AND the swim fee. PLEASE bring a check for the swim fee. $40, payable to the Dolphin Club, “swim fee 2010” on the subject line. PLEASE *PLEASE* *PLEASE bring a check, *do not bring cash. If you absolutely must bring cash, bring it in an envelope with your name on it.

For the short walk down Pier 41 to where we jump into the water we are the guests of the Blue and Gold Fleet. We will have “hold harmless” forms for you to sign at the sign-in desk. Every swimmer must hand a signed form to the B&G staffer who will let us onto the pier. If you do not have this form you will not be able to jump from their pier, so please remember to sign a form and bring it with you to the jump.

For a reminder about how to HELP your Swim Commision, check out this new updated note.


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