Farralones swim

Congratulations to the 6 women completing the 30 mile swim to the Farallones, June 4th in 16:29:30.

The first group of women to successfully swim as a six-person relay from the Golden Gate Bridge to touch a buoy just off the islands.

They did it in 16 hours, 29 minutes, 30 seconds, starting under the Golden Gate Bridge in predawn darkness and reaching the buoy that night after 9 p.m.

It was only the second successful relay swim to the Farallones, and the first one had been completed just two weeks before by a team of five men and one woman.

Dolphin Kimberly Chambers, swam both times and assembled the women for the all-female second swim, which consisted of Cathy Delneo, Pleasanton human resources executive Patti Bauernfeind, San Francisco attorney Laura Vartain Horn, Orange County environmental specialist Lynn Kubasek and San Francisco biotech executive Melissa King.

Read more in the SF gate article: 

Check out the video!

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