America’s cup plans

The Dolphin Club is a volunteer, non-profit, public access organization whose 1,000 + members join with many others in enjoying water-contact recreation in and on San Francisco Bay. We support the America’s Cup racing program, but have strong concerns over the unclear, open ended collateral aspects proposed for Aquatic Park, such as the mooring of a Barge, 12 story long with a 22 feet high by 44 feet long, Jumbotron video screen 3-4 feet above the water in the muddy bottom of the shallow cove of Aquatic Park.

The environmental protection laws on both the State and Federal levels require a detailed identification of proposed activities and construction, along with the Analysis, Mitigation and Alternatives of potential adverse impacts. This is required so that these impacts, once known upon established and current data, can be reduced through Mitigation plans, or eliminated through reasonable Alternatives.

The America’s Cup EIR has failed to provide the minimally required identification of the activities and structures they propose for Aquatic Park, and have not Analyzed the negative impacts or the proposal of reasonable land based Alternatives as required by law and a responsible user of the SFBay concerned with the health and safety of others.

Ground Breaking on the Cruise Terminal

Highlight from “Ground Breaking on the Cruise Terminal” press release:

“The vote to endorse the EIR is a testimony by our City’s leaders to the importance that the America’s Cup races will have on San Francisco’s future as a world-class city,” said America’s Cup Organizing Committee Chairman Mark Buell. “I applaud the Supervisors and all our community members, for recognizing the high-quality work that has gotten us to this point in a very timely and transparent process. I also thank our partners at the America’s Cup Event Authority and America’s Cup Race Management, for their hard work in helping us get to this point. These remarkable achievements will be reflected in the events as well as the legacy projects, such as the cruise terminal, for San Francisco.”

Read the full press release.

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