Composting at the Club

We had a composting/recycling review after the Pier 39 swim on Saturday.

It was suggested (thanks Hal) that we move the garbage can out of the kitchen to avoid confusion. So there are now 2 small containers in the kitchen – blue for recycling, green for composting – both accompanied by visual aids to help everyone know what goes where. These can be emptied into the larger containers outside.

There is a small black (landfill) can outside the kitchen door. Please just take a few seconds to think before tossing your trash.

Thanks, Janice

  • Green: Anything that was once living. Food (including meat), paper plates and cups, napkins, paper towels, pizza and cake boxes, milk cartons, compostable utensils and cups.
  • Blue: Any hard plastic, including utensils; glass and plastic bottles; cans; newspaper and other clean paper. Please no paper towels, liquids or plastic bags.
  • Black: Very little should go into the black can: plastic wrap, juice boxes, styrofoam.

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