2013 Grizzly Bear Challenge Results

Congratulations to all participants of the 2013 Grizzly Bear Challenge. Those who made to 100,000 meters will receive a special T-shirt which will be available in the next few weeks.
The GBC goal was to reach 100,000 meters on the erg between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day.

Most Meters: 140,000 Jerry Jacoby
129,000 Allen McLennon
122,000 Mark Robinson
101,000 Lowen Catholico
101,000 C. Tschinkel
100,000 Kelley Heye
100,000 JD Durst
100,000 Ted Levinson
100,000 Laura Zovician
100,000 Jim Frew
88,000 Lance Starin
52,000 Noah Zovician
48,000 Jay Dean
38,000 McFadden
30,000 Marshall Worsham
30,000 Jen Evans
28,000 Diane Walton
26,000 J. Kincaid
20,000 Mark Mauberret
18,000 Ben Zovician
10,000 T. Kline
10,000 Jen Votava
10,000 Pete Torre
5,000 M. Lee
500 Megan Wachs

Way to go Dolphins!
Racheal Perry

Well Done everyone!

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