Lisa Newman-Wise

Bay to Breakers Swim

Four amazing Dolphin swimmers successfully completed a 10  mile swim from the Bay Bridge to Ocean Beach sunday:

Joe Marenda, Lisa Newman Wise, Brendan Crow & Peter Bartu. They were fighting 20 knot head winds from Pier 39 to the Gate.  Lead pilot JD got the group safely through the Bay, out the Gate, around Mile Rock, past Seal Rocks and finally into Ocean Beach where the land crew of James Dilworth, Katie Harrington, Diane Walton, Bill,  Charlie Cross and others greeted our cold, tired and exuberant swimmers –  Our jump time was 0620.  Time in the water – about 2 hours 15 minutes.
Thanks to the pilots –  JD Durst, Doug James, Brian Kiernan (motorized) and Bob Cable, Terry Horn, Duke Dahlin, Melissa King, and Marcus Auerbach.
Yahoo group photos here.

Photos below by Bill Burke.  More Photos by Bill Burke

The ground crew: James, Katie and James
Lisa Newman-Wise
Lisa Newman-Wise
Peter Bartu
Tired, cold and happy: Joe Marenda, Lisa Newman-Wise and Brendan Crow

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