Blue Envelope Fund

A work in progress

The Blue Envelope Fund is designed to encourage DC camaraderie and athleticism while showing club support for individual competitors, and defraying some expenses in competitive events.

Requests in this initial test will be limited to $500 or less, with no more than $5000 to be given out. The application period will be July 17-Aug 15, for events before June 30, 2015.  Successful applicants will be announced at the August Board meeting.

Applicants will be members in good standing of the Dolphin Club, and have been such for at least two years.

If Fund is approved, decisions will be made by a committee of 3 (Suzanne Heim-Bowen, Renee deCossio, and Diane Walton).


APPLICATION (Three questions)

  1. Your goal; why should you be a Blue Envelope recipient?
  2. How does DC help you reach your goal/benefit from this?
  3. Estimated budget for event (named)/amount requested





Contact information:


Date joined:


___ Commitment to bringing home a photo and/or a good story.

send your application to

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