The Wieland Crew

Dolphins Victorious in Regatta

The Dolphin Club Rowing team in the Wieland sunday morning for the SERC Tom & Jerry’s 3-buoy regatta ~ we finished first, beating all other boats including the racing shells (not usually the case).

Total time around the three buoys in the chopping, breezy flood current was 42 minutes. The weather was sublime, cool with that bit of low-formed fog just over the water.

Crew as follows: Charlie McIntyre as coach/cox, Megan Wachs in Stroke, Lowen Cattolico in 5, Anna MacKinnon in 4, Chris Tschinkel in 3, Laura Zovickian in 2 and Dolores Meehan in bow. Also Kelley Heye and Andrea Fabian were in the chase boat taking photos and routing the team on for the whole race.

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