Dolphin/South End Triathlon

Let’s win back the trophy!

This year’s Triathlon is scheduled to take place Saturday, October 25th and is hosted by the South End Rowing Club (SERC). Stay tuned for exact times for the events. Participants must be a current member of Club they represent.



The Rowing portion of the triathlon is comprised of 7 heats.

  • Barge
  • Shell doubles
  • Shell singles
  • Viking doubles
  • Viking singles
  • Heavy doubles
  • Heavy singles

The Barge race starts at Alcatraz and finishes at opening,
Barge Crew: an all-women team of six.
Barge cox/coach: Charlie McIntyre

The course for all other heats is Opening > Around Alcatraz > back to Opening


The swim portion of the triathlon starts at Yacht Harbour and finishes at the DC/Southend beach.
Cut-off time: 60 minutes


The third event is a run from the club to Fort Point and back. It is a distance of 7 miles.
Cut-off time:  90 minutes.
Running Training headed by Natazha Bernie and Chris Tschinkel.

Running Training Schedule

To prepare for this year’s inter-club triathlon, we’re conducting some Fort Point Runs to and from the Dolphin Club on the following Sundays: 9/28, 10/5, 10/12, and 10/19.  These runs will start at 9:00 am.

Before each run, from 8:00 – 8:50, Natazha Bernie will provide core conditioning workouts in the handball court.  Natazha is a physical therapist with 20 years experience teaching Pilates and yoga. Email Natazha Bernie at natazha.bernie[at]  if you plan to join us for any of these Fort Point Runs.

Runners earn points for both speed and participation!  That means even slow runners can earn points for the Dolphin Club!

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