Escape Results

It was another amazing day for all of us (how lucky we have been).  The weather was perfect, a clear day and not too hot. We had 52 individuals and 4 relay teams.

This year had a very competitive field with South Ender Joel Lanz taking 1st place again for the 8th time (out of 9 races) in a smoking time of 3:35:58!!!!  Joel ran a 2:10 Double Dipsea.

New Dolphin Club member Andrew Wynn came in 2nd in a time of 3:51:20 and tied with Dolphin John Ottersberg (1st Male Cruiser) for the fastest swim of the day 31:20.

The first woman was Katie Murphy with a time of 4:42:55. This was Katie’s first Escape!  Gina Rus (18 time Escapee) was the 1st woman cruiser with a time of 6:15:10. There were 11 virgin Escapee’s this year. John Nakamura finished his 25th consecutive Escape.

The dinner was outstanding and many thanks to all of the volunteers it took to make that happen, including a very special thanks to Robin Rome who not only does the race but also heads up the kitchen ahead of time planning and preparing the dinner.

We had a special recognition of Tom Callinan and Mary Cantini for their 25 years of participating in the event and two additional Hall of Famers were added to the plaque. They are South Enders Vince Fausane (5 time winner of the Escape) and Joel Lanz (8 time winner).

PlaceNameSwim TimeBike TimeRun TimeTotal TimeNotes
1Joel Lanz0:37:250:47:352:10:583:35:589th EFAT (8 first place)/fastest run
2Andrew Wynn0:31:200:51:402:28:203:51:20virgin/tie fastest swim
3Nobu Takahashi0:47:520:53:082:19:184:00:18
4Brian Matthay0:41:300:53:302:35:404:10:402nd EFAT
5Brent Pohlmann0:40:140:49:462:42:304:12:3011th EFAT
6John McCulloch0:32:400:51:202:52:004:16:002nd EFAT
7Jesse Czelusta0:36:010:45:592:59:124:21:124th EFAT
8Tom Brown0:36:040:51:562:56:084:24:084th EFAT
9Ted Tilles0:45:070:52:532:46:254:24:254th EFAT
10John Ottersberg0:31:200:50:403:05:304:27:301st cruiser/6th EFAT/tie fast swim
11Alex Sigal0:45:300:50:302:52:344:28:343rd EFAT
12Alex Warring0:42:590:58:012:55:504:36:50virgin
13Charlie Pratt0:45:300:53:303:03:504:42:50virgin
14Katie Murphy0:44:520:57:083:00:554:42:55virgin/1st woman
15Tony Lillios0:37:380:59:223:13:454:50:453rd EFAT
16Rebecca Fanning0:40:270:56:333:14:104:51:10virgin/ YOUNGEST
17Peter Bartu0:34:100:57:503:20:504:52:503rd EFAT
18Andrew Mattingly0:39:300:59:303:16:204:55:202nd EFAT
19Scott Halsted1:03:580:58:022:59:585:01:583rd EFAT
20Christopher Himmel0:41:090:52:513:31:035:05:03virgin
21Megan Wachs0:41:240:59:363:24:535:05:532nd EFAT
22Tara Sweet0:52:421:09:183:10:295:12:29virgin
23Dave Strasburg0:49:091:13:513:12:085:15:082nd EFAT
24Anthony DuComb0:56:251:01:353:25:065:23:0619th EFAT
25James Hulihan0:37:331:03:273:47:005:28:006th EFAT/OLDEST
26Hal Offen0:52:251:02:353:38:105:33:1014th EFAT
27Sean McFadden0:37:300:49:304:08:265:35:2612th EFAT
28John Mattox0:45:580:59:023:56:355:41:3511th EFAT
29Matt Towers0:59:331:03:273:51:445:54:44
30John Hornor0:52:571:04:033:57:575:54:5711th EFAT
31Jon Nakamura0:38:401:06:204:13:285:58:2825th consecutive Escape
32Chris Tschinkel1:08:581:12:023:37:305:58:302nd EFAT
33Flash Gordon0:34:031:05:574:24:306:04:30virgin
34Jim Ruppert1:12:551:17:053:37:126:07:123rd EFAT
35Alan Levinson0:47:071:20:534:04:006:12:002nd EFAT
36Gina Rus0:44:131:08:474:22:106:15:1018th EFAT/1st cruiser
37Willy Waks1:04:471:05:134:06:206:16:20virgin
38James Walter0:41:050:45:554:55:406:22:403rd EFAT/fast bike
39Dawn Holley0:52:551:44:053:48:036:25:03virgin
40Mike Webb0:43:271:12:334:33:006:29:0022nd EFAT
41Eileen Buckley0:47:571:09:034:32:016:29:012nd EFAT
42Brenda Austin0:53:051:24:554:17:316:35:315th EFAT
43Tom Linthicum0:47:371:08:234:58:356:54:3517th EFAT
44Keith Nowell0:53:151:24:454:43:197:01:1924th EFAT
45Alex Buehlmann0:49:491:15:115:05:327:10:324th EFAT
46Phil Taylor1:03:561:21:045:02:197:27:198th EFAT
47Robin Rome1:03:141:33:465:21:007:58:0010th EFAT
48Peter Neubauer0:53:301:28:305:48:108:10:107th EFAT
49Jen Volosek0:40:481:24:126:12:408:17:40virgin
Swim AidsPeter Badertscher0:35:300:47:302:42:274:05:27virgin/WETSUIT
51Michael Caniglia0:46:250:55:35DNFDNFDNF
52Lisa Serebin0:45:36DNFDNFDNFDNF
4RJoe Marenda, Jaron Ness0:33:380:39:222:22:403:35:40
2RRyan Dalton, Tom Roseberry0:30:580:47:022:23:383:41:38
3RDoug James, Will Powning, Andy Schwaab, Kevin O'Connor0:44:051:04:552:58:564:47:56
1RNAK attack: Niland Mortimer,
Andrew Burrell, Kim Pross


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