Grizzly Bear Challenge

The holidays are fast approaching. That means its time for the annual Grizzly Bear Challenge.
The Grizzly is rowing’s answer to the Polar Bear – encouraging participants to erg off holiday treats and alleviate holiday shopping stress!

The Goal

Reach 100,000 Meters between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve. Everyone who makes it will receive a fabulous Grizzly Bear commemorative shirt. Anyone motivated to row more than 100K see Rule 6.


  1. All participants MUST be Dolphin Club Members but you do NOT have to be a rower to participate.
  2. Erg meters must be recorded on the paper log posted by the ergs. They will be tallied and announced to the entire Club on New Years Day (In case you’re looking for a little motivation to make the goal:).
  3. Only meters erged between 12:01 AM Thanksgiving Day and 11:59 PM New Years Eve are counted toward the goal. (You can not enter last week’s erg session on the Grizzly log!)
  4. 50% of recorded meters can happen off-site, i.e. at home or next door at the South End. 50% of recorded meters must take place at the DC.
  5. Any time spent rowing on the water counts as 5000 Meters (max) toward your goal. You must log them in as you would your to your erg meters.
  6. Any participant who passes the 100,000 Meter mark is automatically entered into the GRIZZLY ADAMS CHALLENGE!
    The goal of the GAC is to reach 500,000 meters by New Year’s Eve.

Fun Facts

1605 Meters = 1 Mile.
35 days to reach 100,00 Meters = 2857 Meters per day
35 days to reach 500,00 Meters = 14,285 Meters per day

Check out Concept2’s website for tips on proper form and technique on the erg Sign up here to subscribe to Concept2’s workout of the day!

Go get em!
Happy Holidays.
Racheal Perry

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