Joe Locke swims Farallones to GG Bridge

Today Dolphin Joe Locke became only the fourth swimmer to complete a solo Farallones crossing.

Joe Locke

Joe swam from the South Farallon Islands to the south tower of the Golden Gate Bridge in 13 hr and 58 min covering a straight line distance of 29.7 miles according to Evan Morrison, co-founder of the Marathon Swimmers Federation and the official observer on Locke’s swim. It was his seventh attempt to complete the swim. Joe’s time was about forty minutes faster than Ted Erikson’s mark from September 1967, the first known person to successfully swim from the Farallones to the Golden Gate Bridge. Dolphin Stewart Evans was the very first to complete this swim in 1967, but currents carried him to Bolinas. Congratulations Joe! Here’s is a link to the SF Gate article. Post from Daily news of Open water swimming here.

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