July 4th Bridge to Bridge

On July 4th, 2014, 10 swimmers swam from the Bay Bridge to the Golden Gate Bridge, a distance of approximately 6 miles.  The swim was not timed: it was not a race.  The 10 swimmers had qualified by being the first to swim 4 coves continuously.

The swim was organized by Lisa Newman-Wise, and supported by the Dolphin Club Swim Commissioners.  The following lists the participants in alphabetical order:


Bob Cable. Victor Critchfield, Randy Edwards, Cory Emerson, Clint Hendler, Melissa King, Sean Lavelle, Joe Marenda, Megan Wachs, Chris Wagner


Jon Bielinski, Marcus Auerbuch, Lowen Cattolico, Brendan Crow, Jesse Czelusta, Jay Dean, Gina Edwards, Jill Fleming, Liz Kantor, Michael Kayton, Brian Kiernan, Tom McCall, Miguel Melendes, Lisa Newman-Wise, Chris Tschinkel, Diane Walton


Andrew Cassidy


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