New Year’s Day Alcatraz Swim Qualifier is Sunday, December 21

2015 is almost here and that means the New Year’s Day Alcatraz Swim is almost here.  Alcatraz has a qualifier due to the water temperature.   This swim can be a challenge due to unpredictable conditions.

New Year’s Day is a South End swim, so the Dolphin Club’s 6-month wait is not in play.  But, we expect Dolphin swimmers to be acclimated to the cold water, so get in the cove as much as possible.

The DC Alcatraz Qualifier is Sunday, December 21.

This will be an inside/outside plus a cove, or an outside/inside plus a cove, depending upon conditions.  We’ll keep you guessing.

Sign in: 7:45 AM

Pilot Briefing: 8:30 AM

Swim Briefing: 8:40 AM

(Beach) Jump: 9:00 AM

We need some pilots to hold at key points along the route.

Bring a check for $50 made payable to SERC—if you plan to swim on New Year’s Day. Cash is OK, but a check is preferred. The $50 is for the boat and the food after the swim.  (Guests can eat on New Year’s Day for $5.)

If you are doing the qualifier for fun, you don’t have to pay anything.  You just have to have fun.

As always, an orange Dolphin Club cap is required for the Qualifier and New Year’s Day (and all Dolphin Club swims).  Caps will be available for sale, if you don’t have one.

Swim fees will be due on our first swim, which is January 11, 2015, not on New Year’s Day.

However, to swim on New Year’s Day, you MUST have your USMS membership current for 2015.  If you do it in time for the Qualifier, you will save everyone time on New Year’s Day.  If you join USMS as a Dolphin Club member, we track you automatically.  If you join through another USMS club, please bring your card or a printout of your receipt for 2015 membership.

Copy and paste this address into your browser to update your USMS membership:

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