New Year’s Day Cove

HELPERS: Andrew Cassidy, Virginie Jabbour
Course A: To the Flag Buoy and back
Course B: Once around the cove

Polly Rose 0:14:04 Personal
Maria Finn 0:16:08 A
Era Osibe 0:17:53 Personal
Cynthia Barnard 0:18:48 A
Carolyn Hui 0:20:01 A
Charlie Cross 0:25:55 B
Joni Beemsterboer 0:26:57 B
Susan Lauritzen 0:27:46 B
Wendy Katzman 0:27:50 B
Gabriella Cross 0:29:04 B
Aaron Rosenthal 0:30:15 B
Robin Rome 0:32:56 B

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