Our Next Out of Cove Swim is the Pride Swim on June 22, 2014

Our next Out of Cove swim is the Pride Swim on June 22 (Sunday)

This is a South End swim but Dolphin Pilots and Clothes Wranglers get a HELP. This is a Qualifying Swim for Golden Gate and Alcatraz.  Check in is at SERC from 5:30 AM to 6:15 AM.  Pilot briefing is at SERC at 6:15 AM.  Walk to Coughlin Beach to be there for the onsite swim briefing at 7:00 AM.  Jump is at 7:15 AM.  This swim isn’t timed, so enjoy the 3-knot tide ride.  There are only three more in-Bay Qualifying Swims (plus the Santa Cruz One Mile) before the GG and Alcatraz swims.  Sign up sheets for pilots and swimmers are posted in the usual place. There is a $10 fee payable to SERC for this swim.

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