Pier 39 – Saturday, April 5

Dolphin Swimmers, Helpers and Pilots!! It’s an early one…

: 6:00 am to 6:40 am
Pilot Briefing: 6:40 am
Swim Briefing: 6:50 am
Walk to pier: 7:10 am
Jump: 7:45 am

  • For those who have not done so, remember the one-time annual swim dues of $40.00.
  • All swimmers must be registered (2014) with US Masters Swimming.
  • If you have not participated in an out of cove swim with the DC, please be aware that you need to have been a member for at least 6 months and no swim aides are permitted.
  • In-town members must successfully complete three swims and pilot or help on at least two others to qualify to swim Alcatraz and/or the Golden Gate.

If you would like to sign up in advance to pilot this swim, in addition to the sign up posted at the club you can email us at dolphinswimcommissioner@gmail.com
Contacting the Captains in advance is very helpful and it assures that your ‘help’ gets credited.
Check-in — Eric Shupert
Timing — Polly Rose
Galley — John & Nancy Hornor
Clean-up — Neal Powers

We will need two “clothes carriers” and a vehicle to transport clothes from Pier 39 back to the club. Contact John Nogue, or Virginie Jabbour
Sign-up sheets have been posted at the base of the stairs.

See you there!

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