Bay Bridge is Sunday, May 10

The Dolphin Club Long Course begins May 10!   Bay Bridge to DC is 3+ mile swim. The water is still cool, and so are the sites to see when you breath on your left.

This swim starts off the back of a boat, so there is a $20 boat fee.  Please read the Boat Policy below.  This swim also has a maximum time limit, detailed below.

Check-In: 5:30-6:15 AM
Pilots Briefing: 6:15 AM
Swim Briefing: 6:30 AM
Walk to Boat(s): 6:45 AM
Boat(s) Depart Dock: 7:00 AM
Jump Off Boat: 7:45 AM

We reserve 1 or 2 boats for this swim.  Since we pay for a boat, even if we do not use it, please do not sign up unless you know you will be swimming.  If you must cancel, please email at least 24 hours in advance of the swim.
If you do not cancel in advance and do not show up, you will pay the $20 boat fee before your next swim.  (Boat fees will be collected during the swim registration.)

If you are unsure if you can make it that day, but hope to, please sign up under the “Tentative” column on the sign up sheet.  We will accommodate as many of these people as we can, based on the order in which they check-in.

Given the current, the distance, commercial boat traffic, and the water temperature, this swim has a 90-minute maximum time limit.

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