DC vs. SE Tri is Saturday, September 26–Rowing Details

Here are the details for the rowing competition vs. South End:

05:30 Registration opens; 05:55 Coin toss for barge position; 06:00 Row briefing; 06:30 Timers start on Muni Pier; 06:30-45 Barge race starts; 07:00 2x Shells start; 07:05 1x Shells start; 07:10 2x Vikings start; 07:15 1x Vikings start; 07:20 2x Heavies start; 07:25 1x Heavies start.
We intend to stick to the timetable as closely as possible due to the tough currents.  If a boat is not at the starting line when it is scheduled to be there, the race will start without them. Remember, this is not a timed regatta.
All boats, including any SERC boats, launching from the DC dock will have to be checked in with the Dockmaster and be ready to launch when called.  Sequence is the same as in the schedule above.  Visiting boats may launch ahead of the Host boats in their class at the Dockmaster’s discretion.
If you want to row, and have not communicated this to the Boat Captain, please email jd@jddurst.com.

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