Doc Howard Over-45 Gas House Cove Swim is Saturday, July 11

Come for the swim, stay for the BBQ. The Doc Howard Over 45 Gas House Cove swim is Saturday, July 11. Last year, the wind blew so hard that we swam a tough in-cove course around buoys and under piers. This year is anybody’s guess. But, we will be jumping into the water at 6:00 PM sharp. A BBQ follows the swim. Check-In: 4:15-4:55 PM, Pilot Briefing: 5:00 PM, Swim Briefing: 5:15 PM, walk to Gas House Cove: 5:30 PM, Jump: 6:00 PM; BBQ after. This is one of only two club swims remaining in the season that count as a Qualifier. You need three Qualifying Swims and two Helps to swim Alcatraz and Golden Gate. (Tahoe Relay and both days of Santa Cruz Pier are Qualifying swims too.) If you need a Help, and are under 45, this is a great opportunity to log a Help and have some beer and BBQ.  All are welcome. (USMS is required for swimmers, but guests can be USMS-less.) And, in case you missed it, there is a BBQ afterward. Come down, have fun. Doctor’s orders.

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