DC vs. SE Tri is Saturday, September 26–Run Details

Please run if you can.

Having more runners (both “fast” and “slow”) increases our chances of winning this event. All members are welcome to join the run.

The running event is scored in a same manner as the swimming. The first 20 runners get extra points for speed (20 points, 19, 18, and so on until 20th place). Runners placing 20th to 100th get 1 point each. Every point matters!

The run starts at 10:45 am in front of the Dolphin Club.

It’s a 7 mile course from the Dolphin Club to Fort Point and back. The cut off time is 90 minutes.

You need to register for the run by 10:30 am on 9/26. Registration for all participants is on the first floor of the Dolphin Club.

Any questions please contact natazha.bernie@gmail.com or megan.wachs@gmail.com or ctbob10@gmail.com

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