New Year’s Day Alcatraz Swim

2016 is almost here and so is the NYD Alcatraz Swim.  South End hosts this event.  Check in and all briefings, and lunch!, will be held at South End.  The schedule is tentative and might change based on the test swim, so watch your email for any changes. The tides don’t wait for late arrivals, nor will the boat.  This swim is not timed, which means you can take a peak at SF and the bridges, but the water is cold.  Swim with friends. Enjoy the swim but be aware of your body temperature and time remaining to shore.

Check in at SERC: 8:45-9:45 AM
Pilot Briefing at DC for DC Pilots: 9:15 AM
Pilot Briefing at SERC: 9:45 AM
Swim Briefing at SERC: 9:55 AM
Walk to Boats right after swim briefing
Board boats: 10:15 AM
Jump into 2016 feet first:  11:00 AM
Lunch at SERC: 12:30 PM

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