New Year’s Day Cove is….New Year’s Day

Race into 2016 with a brisk cove swim with fellow ‘Phins. After the swim, we will have trinkets and tide books and some food and drink. Check in: 7:15 AM – 7:45 AM. Pilot and Swim Briefing: 7:45 AM. Jump: 8:00 AM.  (No annual swim fees or USMS dues for Cove events.)  The Cove swim occurs before the NYD Alcatraz swim, so you will have hot water and plenty of time to get warm for those wanting to do a double dip (and log lots of squares on the first day of 2016). (Details on Alcatraz will be posted when we get them, but we know the jump will be about 11 AM for Alcatraz.)

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