New Year’s Day Qualifer

December 20, 2015



Francisco Hernandez, Terry Horn, Davis Ja, Brian Kiernan, Andrea Morgan, Kent Myers, John Robiola



David Bennett, Ward Bushee, Andrew Cassidy, Peter Cullinan, Nancy Friedman, Brian Gilbert, John Grunstad, Anne Hamersky, Sergei Khorochev, Mickey Lavelle, George Morris, Peter Neubauer, Daragh Powers, Robin Rome, Polly Rose, Kathleen Sheridan, Deborah Sherwood, Eric Shupert, Andy Stone, Matthew Stoops, Janice Wood, Madhuri Yechuri


The following have qualified for the New Year’s Day Alcatraz Swim, run by the South End Rowing Club:

Michael       Barber

Peter            Bartu

Ross             Brown

Bill               Burke

Laura            Burtch-Zovickian

Ward            Bushee

Bob               Cable

Robert          Callan Jr.

George         Chamales

Michael       Connolly

Ken               Coren

Charlie         Cross

Brendan      Crow

Peter            Cullinan

Danny          De Leon

Kathleen       Duffy

Tim               Dumm

Joe                Ferrero

Krista           Gager

Patrick          Grady

Byron            Harbour

Suzanne       Heim

Patrick          Horn

John             Ingle

Virginie        Jabbour

Renee          Kaufman

Emily            Kreger

Tom              Kuglen

Aniko           Kurczinak

Mickey         Lavelle

Joe                Marenda

John             Mattox

Sean             McFadden

George         Morris

Jon                Nakamura

Tom              Neill

Peter            Neubauer

Lisa              Newman-Wise

John             Nogue

Joseph         Omran

Holly            Reed

Gina             Rus

Gina             Rus

Ron               Russ

Steve            Schatz

Larry             Scroggins

Basil             Stamos

Andy             Stone

Paul              Vanhoven

Laura            Vartain Horn

Sam              Vilain

Kevin            Whalen

Georg           Wien

Andrew        Willis

Noah            Zovickian



The following swam the Dolphin Club New Year’s Day Qualifier and finished. All have qualified for the New Year’s Day Alcatraz Swim, run by the South End Rowing Club, but these have indicated that they do not plan to swim the New Year’s Day event:

Rick              Avery

Suzie            Dods

James           Fahlbusch

Joe                Gannon

Katie             Harrington

Doug            James

Tim               Kline

Nancy           Lange

Maggie         Lonergan

Hal               Offen

Tim               Smith


Please note: with 56 swimmers qualified and a limit of 60 from the Dolphin Club, if you indicated that you were not going to but have decided to swim, please notify the Dolphin Club Swim Commissioners to make sure there is room.


If you have qualified and had planned to swim but change your mind, please inform the Dolphin Club Swim Commissioners so that they know there may be room for swimmers who have asked to swim, have qualified and originally indicated that they would not swim.

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