Pier 41 is Sunday, January 11th

Our next swim is Sunday, January 11.  Pier 41 is our shortest swim due to the cold water temperature.   For almost all who swam NYD Alcatraz, you went by Pier 41 on your way back to the Cove.  So, you’ve already done it!  Now you can do it again for Ladies Cup Points and a Dolphin Club trinket.  This swim has a mild 2.2 knot ebb.  The water temperature is steadily dropping (54-ish today), so please show good sense on staying acclimated but not over-staying your welcome in the rapidly cooling Bay waters.

Registration is 6:00-6:45 AM

Pilot Briefing is 6:45 AM

Swim Briefing is 6:55 AM

Walk to Pier 41 at 7:10 AM

Jump at 7:30 AM

Food, festivities, and trinkets after everyone warms up!

This is the our first swim as a club for 2015, so we will be collecting swim fees for 2015.  This swim requires a waiver to use the ferry’s commercial pier.  Please get to the club early so we can get all the paperwork out of the way. Registration will be closing at 6:15 AM sharp.

Sign up sheets are posted in the usual spot in the club.

We need pilots for this swim.  As you know, we require a swimmer to pilot ratio of 3:1.

To swim Alcatraz or Golden Gate, swimmers need to complete 3 “qualifying” swims and have at least 2 “helps.” Pier 41 is a qualifying swim.

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