Under 30 Cove results

July 25, 2015

Five courses were used for the swims.

A = complete cove

B = triangular cove

C = flag buoy and back

D = 2nd buoy and back

E = end of the pier and back


Group          Place     F.name         L.name                   Time

A                 1           Tim                 Smith                       0:25:04

A                 2           Ben                 Rosenfeld                 0:27:27

A                 3           Andrew           O’Mahony                 0:28:50


B                 1           Lisa                 Gunaydin                  0:25:48


C                  1          Luca                Caniglia                   0:17:34


D                 1           Lorenzo           Caniglia                  0:11:22


E-male       1            Johann             Buehlmann              0:04:00


E-female   1             Sakura             Myers                       0:04:22



Susanne Friedrich, Brian Kiernan, Anne Sasaki


Peter Bartu, Eileen Buckley, Tyler Burton, Eileen David, Patrick Dinan, Pauline Farmer-Koppenol, Brian Gilbert, Libbie Horn, Aniko Kurczinak, Joe Marenda, Polly Rose, Jari Salomaa, Susan Saylor, Tim Smith

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