2016 New Year’s Day Alcatraz

January 1, 2016

New Year’s Day Alcatraz was run by the South End Rowing Club, and they will post the results of the swim. The Dolphin Club members, other than those helping with the NYD Cove swim, who helped make the swim successful are:


Marcus Auerbuch, Jon Bielinski, John Blackman, Lowen Cattolico, Barry Christian, Jay Dean, Marianne Dean, Paul DuBois, J.D. Durst, Jim Ebert, Nancy Friedman, Donald Harrison, Reuben Hechanova, Kelley Heye, Anita Holmquist, Terry Horn, Davis Ja, Douglas James, Liz Kantor, Margaret Keenan, Brian Kiernan, Will Kushner, Tor Lundgren, Anna Mackinnon, Mary Magocsy, Tom McCall, Jane Mermelstein, David Nettell, Rick O’Hara, Hal Offen, Will Powning, Eric Shackelford, Lance Starin, Elizabeth Tippin, Monica Towers, Diane Walton, Connie Wellen, David Zovickian



Clothes Wranglers

Lindzy Bivings, Chase Corum, Camille Cusumano, Anne Hamersky, Keira Koss-Baker

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