Thanksgiving Day Cove Results

November 24, 2016

The Thanksgiving Day Cove was very informal this year, with three courses offered, but with no capture of the place order of finish or timing. Participants lists are in alphabetical order. As always, if your name is missing, notify the DC Swim Commissioners.


Three courses:

A – to the flag and back.

B – Once around the Cove.

C – Out to Perez Buoy, inside breakwater to Creakers, outside to opening, back in.

There were some people who swam their own courses, using elements of the basic three.


Group A

Andrea Allen, Gaylord Burke, Phil Fernandez, Kelley Heye, Pia Hinckle, Sarah McCuskey, Marla McGowan, Era Osibe


Group B

Anne Barbaret, Steve Carlson, Peter Cullinan, Evelyn Fisher, Nancy Friedman, Stuart Gannes, Mark Gustin, Margaret Healy, Joe Illick, Krist Jake, Mickey Lavelle, Thomas Rodgers, Robin Rome, Denise Sauerteig, Suzanne Scott, Kristen Steck, William Tucker, Kathryn Werhane, Daniel Wheeler


Group C

Lauren Au, Joni Beemsterboer, Lindzy Bivings, Bob Cable, Gabriella Cross, Charlie Cross, Yossi Ettinger, James Fahlbusch, Joe Ferrero, Katie Harrington, Andrew Homan, John Ingle, Morgan Kulla, Marcy Michael, Kent Myers, Tom Neill, Dennis Polston, Will Powning, Stephen Schatz, Andy Stone, Ryan Utsumi



Brendan Crow, Duke Dahlin, Colin Gift, Brian Kiernan, John Robiola



Andrew Cassidy, Sue Garfield, Larry Heine, Jacqueline Merovich, Diane Walton, Janice Wood

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