Under-30 & Under-45 Cove Swim is Sunday, August 11, 2016

The Under-30 and Under-45 Swims are Sunday, August 11.  We have 2 in-cove courses:  one is a Fun Course and one is a 1.5 mile Qualifying Course.  The Qualifying Course counts towards the 3 swims required to swim Alcatraz or Golden Gate.  This is a new option this year.  Please take advantage of it if you are short of Qualifying Swims because the next swim is the 99th Annual Golden Gate swim.

There will be a really short, really fun course for the children of members.

There will be food after the event, just like the Over-45 swim.  So, come down for the swim and food.  There may be beer, but you will have to come down to find out.

Here’s the schedule:

3:00 – 3:35 pm: Check In
3:40 pm: Pilot Briefing
3:45 pm: Swim Briefing
4:00 pm: Run into water

These in-cove swims do not require annual DC swim dues or USMS membership.

To swim Alcatraz or Golden Gate you must complete successfully 3 Qualifying Swims and Help on 2 swims.

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