2017 Pier 41 swim

January 21, 2017

This is the first group swim of the year: swim from Pier 41 to the Cove and in to the Dolphin Club beach. The distance is approximately 1 mile (4 squares for Polar Bears).


Since this is the first swim of the year, please be prepared to:

  1. pay the yearly $50 swim fee – this goes to maintenance and gas for the ABs, among other things.
  2. show your USMS registration if you are not registered with the Dolphin Club.
  3. sign a waiver for Pier 41: they need it for us to jump off their dock.


Sign in   0600 – 0645

Pilot Briefing   0650 -0700

Swim Briefing  0705 – 0720

Walk to dock  0725 – 0750  Roll call (check off) as the waivers are turned in.

Jump  0800

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