Alcatraz Swim – Sunday October 1 – NOTE TIME and BOAT FEE CHANGE

Sign Up sheets are up for the Alcatraz swim on Sunday, October 1.  Please note that times have slightly changed to better coordinate with a fundraising Alcatraz swim scheduled around the same time.  Please also note that the boat fee is $20. – not $10 as previously noted.

Sign in                  7:00-8:00 am   
Pilot Briefing         7:45 am
Swim Briefing        8:00
Boat to Alcatraz    8:15 am –  $20 Boat Fee
Jump                    9:15 am
Please bring $20 Boat fee – (preferably exact change).

We always have ‘help’ opportunities –  We need help at the following posts: 

Clothes Wranglers – 3 needed; more is better.  Terry Horn     

Check In – Eric Shupert –

Timing – Polly Rose 

Galley – John Hornor

Clean up – Aaron Rosenthal  

Please contact these people directly.

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