Annual Dolphin/SERC Triathlon – Sunday, Oct 15

Swim and run sign-up sheets are up for the Annual Dolphin/SERC Triathlon.  We are looking at a new scoring system this year.  Please participate, contribute and make sure we hold onto that lovely plaque above the stairway!

Here’s how the timing is looking:
Registration opens at Dolphin Club at 5:00 am
Rowing roster to registration               6:00
Coin Toss
BARGE start:                                         6:45
OTHER BOATS start:                             7:00
Swim and pilot registration cut off        7:15
Swim and pilot (combined) briefing       7:30
(competing rowers who will be pilots head straight to Yacht Harbor)
Board Buses to Yacht Harbor/Roll Call   8:00
Buses leave                                           8:15
Jump                                                     9:00
Run registration cut off                        10:15
Run start                                              11:00
Lunch                                                   12:30
Results                                                   1:00

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