Dick Beeler Crazy Cove Swim Results

March 26, 2017

Dick Beeler Crazy Cove Swim is always fun swim, and depends on the Swim Commissioners to come up with a different way to swim the cove. This year, thanks to Terry Horn and Aniko Kurczinak, two of the swim commissioners, swimmers were randomly paired at roll call.  Each swimmer received two playing cards at roll call. Beach start and finish.  Swam and stayed with their partner.  Swimmers, in pairs, approached a boat at the Flag, Repair and Opening and each swimmer received a card from each boat.  5 cards total per swimmer.  Swimmers finished in pairs. Each pair determined a high poker hand. Awards:  $20 swag certificate to both people of a pair with the highest hand, $15 for second place, $10 for  third place.

Highest hand: Robin Rome and Jim Frew.

1st pair to finish: Steve and Anna Schatz.


Gregory Anderson, Michael Barber, Barry Baskin, Lindzy Bivings, Lindsay Boswell, Catherine Breed, Bill Burke, Michael Caniglia, Scott Cauchois, Ken Coren, Charles Cross, Gabriella Cross, Peter Cullinan, Duke Dahlin, Amanda Ernzer, Jim Frew, Isabel Friedman, Stuart Gannes, Sheila Gleeson, Patrick Grady, Lewis Haidt, Trevor Haynes, Suzanne Heim, John Hornor, Nancy Hornor, Wiktor Jakubiuk, Bryn Kass, Keira Koss-Baker, Timothy Kreutzen, Susan Lauritzen, Mickey Lavelle, Mark Lenz, Maggie Lonergan, Mark Lubiszewski, Tor Lundgren, Bri McCarthy, Stuart Moulder, Hal Offen, Donald Osborne, Era Osibe, Dennis Polston, Robin Rome, Julian Sapirstein, Anne Sasaki, Denise Sauerteig, Stephen Schatz, Anna Schatz, Kathleen Sheridan, Ian Simon, Suma Snehalatha, Andy Stone, Tommaso Trionfi, William Tucker, Kathryn Werhane 


Jon Bielinski Jon Grunstad, George Shafer, Brian Kiernan  


Gregory Anderson, Michael Barber, Holly Baskin, Lindsay Boswell, Andrew Cassidy, Ken Coren, Charles Cross, Erik Cufino, Eileen David, Amanda Ernzer. Pauline Farmer-Koppenol, Sue Garfield, Brian Gilbert, Sheila Gleeson, Patrick Grady, Trevor Haynes, Suzanne Heim, John Hornor, Nancy Hornor, Tom Hunt, Bryn Kass, Mark Lenz, Maggie Lonergan, Shijia Lu, Linda Mahnken, Hal Offen, Daragh Powers, Neal Powers, Denise Sauerteig, George Shafer, Andy Stone, Nihan Tiryaki, William Tucker

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