New Years Day Qualifier Postponed

Due to the recent seal biting incidents Aquatic Park has been closed until December 18.   Therefore, we must postpone our club New Year’s Day Qualifier until next Saturday, December 23.Yes, we know it’s close to Christmas.  More information on the time will be forthcoming.
Alternatively, you may qualify for the NYD swim by completing two full cove swims. That is circumnavigating the flag, goal posts, to the repair, opening buoy, bad Becky and the Oprah/Duke.  This is a tough swim. Please do the swim with at least one other person who is a very competent swimmer or who paddles or rows for you.  We want to make sure you are good in the water for a cold and long NYD swim.  Remember the water temp will likely be colder on NYD. Please let the Swim Commissioners know if you complete the alternate self checked qualifier.
Keep in mind the NYD swim is limited to 50 Dolphins and there is a $40 fee payable to SERC. 11 people have already qualified by doing the SERC qualifier.  If you complete the self checked qualifier, please put your check in the Swim Commissioners cubby in the room in back of the TV.
Again, we will keep you posted as to the limitations on swimming and on our NYD qualifier.
Aniko, Terry, Ryan

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