2018 Bay Bridge Swim Results

May 20, 2018

Because the wind was gusting up to 31 mph, the swim from the Bay Bridge was changed to a Cove Star: from the beach to the repair; repair to the flag; flag to the opening; opening to the goal posts; and back to the beach.  Roles changed, but credit was given to those who got up so early to participate, but whose services were not actually needed.  All swimmers were credited with a qualified out-of-cove swim.

While places were recorded to insure that the same number of swimmers came out of the water as went in, times were not captured.  Since some swimmers did not do the entire star, places were deemed unreliable, so the swimmers are listed in alphabetical order.  Fewer pilots were needed than the usual out-of-cove ratio.

Many thanks to Amanda Ernzer, who had volunteered to be the medical personnel for the swim but was able to swim once the event had been changed.


Lindzy Bivings, Catherine Breed, Laura Burtch-Zovickian, Bob Cable, Steve Carlson, Hubert Chaperon, Gretchen Coffman, Peter Cullinan, Kathleen Duffy, Tim Dumm, Amanda Ernzer, Cyrus Foster, John Gibbon, Patrick Grady, Alexander Groeneveld, Lewis Haidt, Mark Harrold, Alexander Housser, Mickey Lavelle, David McGuire, Marcy Michael, Tom Neill, Hal Offen, Robin Rome, Gina Rus, Marton Siklos, Joseph  Spallone, Andy Stone, Matt Stromberg, Michael Tschantz-Hahn, Chris Wagner, Kevin Whalen, John Wilde, Rebecca Wolski


Bradford Adams, Marcus Auerbuch, Jon Bielinski, Brian Kiernan


Bob Cable, Steve Carlson, Hubert Chaperon, Adam Eilath, Amanda Ernzer, Cyrus Foster, Patrick Grady, Alexander Groeneveld, Larry Heine, John Hornor, Alexander Housser, Tom Hunt, Susan Laurtizen, Mickey Lavelle, Jacqueline McEvoy,Jacqueline Merovich, Marcy Michael, Peter Neubauer, Daragh Powers, Neal Powers, Jason Prodoehl, Polly Rose, Marie Sayles, Eric Shupert, Joseph  Spallone, Andy Stone, Matt Stromberg, John Wilde, Rebecca Wolski

Test swim:

Andrew Cassidy, Janine Corcoran, Peter Cullinan, Keira Koss-Baker, Aniko Kurczinak, Hal Offen, Barry Baskin, Holly Baskin, John Blackman, Jim Frew, Reuben Hechanova, Terry Horn, Wiktor Jakubiuk, Brian Kiernan, Thomas McCall, David Nettell, Ryan Utsumi

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