2018 Pride Swim results

June 9, 2018

The annual Pride Swim was hosted by the Dolphin Club for both the DC and South End Rowing Club.  There were some costumes, some silliness, and just plain fun, with a terrific trinket and great food afterwards.  Results for finish order and times were not captured.  All DC swimmers, though, received a qualifying swim toward the Golden Gate and Alcatraz swims.  Thanks to our SERC neighbors for their swimming, piloting and helping.

DC Swimmers:

Lindzy Bivings, Tyler Burton, Darryl Carbonaro, Peter Cullinan, Kathleen Duffy, Pauline Farmer, Cyrus Foster, Isabel Friedman, Stuart Gannes, Keith Gray, Laura Grubb, Duff Hearon, Susan Hopp, John Hornor, Alexander Housser, Halie Kampman, Georgy Kartashov, Margaret Keenan, Susan Lauritzen, Mark Lenz, Maggie Lonergan, Linda Mahnken, Marcy Michael, Stuart Moulder, Keith Nelson, Peter Neubauer, Hal Offen, Donald Osborne, Holly Reed, Sibylle Scholz, Donna Schumacher,Kala Sherman-Presser, Suma Snehalatha, Cory Sturtevant, Cheryl Wallace, John Wilde, Andrew Willis, Janice Wood

DC Pilots:

John Blackman, Thomas Davis, Jim Ebert, Maria Gutkin, Terry Horn, Brian Kiernan, Aniko Kurczinak, Eric Lam, Mickey Lavelle, Mary Magocsy, Thomas McCall, Jesse Pence, John Robiola, Wendy Schuss, Ryan Utsumi, Diane Walton

DC Helpers:

Athena Kyle, Jean Lamming, Susan Lauritzen, Linda Mahnken, Michaelynn Meyers, Stuart Moulder, Peter Neubauer, Hal Offen, Robin Rome, Susan Saylor, Eric Schaefer, Donna Schumacher, Eric Shupert, Suma Snehalatha, Cory Sturtevant, Jill Utsumi, Chris Wagner, Ginny Watson, Kathryn Werhane, Rebecca Wolski

DC Test swim:

Andrew Cassidy, Peter Cullinan, Aniko Kurczinak, Hal Offen, Holly Reed, Anna Schatz, John Blackman, Charlie Cross, Joe Gannon, Mark Harrold, Terry Horn, Keira Koss-Baker, Thomas McCall, David McGuire, Stephen Schatz, Sibylle Scholz, Matt Stromberg

Special Thanks to:

Dr. Marion Guyer, for providing medical coverage for the swim, and Susan Hopp for arranging for Dr Guyer to join us.

Hal Offen: who served as organizer, swim commissioner for a day, general fun spirit and magnet drawing people in to the fun.

2 pilots whose names could not be deciphered.

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