New Year’s Day Alcatraz

Dolphin Club swimmers participated in, piloted for and helped with the South End Rowing Club’s annual NYD Alcatraz swim. Due to foggy conditions on the Bay, the swim jump was delayed, then moved to the area off Pier 39, where swimmers were able to ride the ebb tide in to Aquatic Cove. The swim results were captured by SERC, and 8 swimmers’ times and places do not show up on the results.

The Dolphin NYD Alcatraz pilots: Marcus Auerbuch, Barry Baskin, Jon Bielinski, John Blackman, Barbara Byrnes, Barry Christian, William Clemens, Ken Coren, Charlie Cross, Jim Frew, Stuart Gannes, Reuben Hechanova, Suzanne Heim, Kelley Heye, Terry Horn, Davis Ja, Doug James, Brian Kiernan, Aniko Kurczinak, Gary Leong, Anna Mackinnon, Mary Magocsy, Thomas McCall, Jane Mermelstein, Stuart Moulder, David Nettell, Rob Nikzad, Hal Offen, Donald Osborne, Will Powning, John Robiola, Eric Shackelford, Monica Towers, Ryan Utsumi, Diane Walton, Georg Wien, David Zovickian

The Dolphin NYD Alcatraz helpers: Andrew Cassidy, Mag Donaldson, Sue Garfield, John Hornor, Nancy Hornor, Tom Hunt, Mara Iaconi, Morgan Kulla, Andrea McHenry, Polly Rose, Susan Saylor, Janice Wood, and of course, the three DC swim commissioners: Terry Horn, Aniko Kurczinak, and Ryan Utsumi.

The Dolphin Club ran a test swim the day before the NYD Alcatraz swim. The DC members who participated were: Peter Cullinan, Tom Neill, Hal Offen, Stephen Schatz, Matt Stromberg, Michael Tschantz-Hahn, Ryan Utsumi, Jon Bielinski, John Blackman, Adam Eilath, Jim Frew, Reuben Hechanova, Terry Horn, Brian Kiernan, Aniko Kurczinak, Mark Lenz, Thomas McCall, Stuart Moulder, Diane Walton

The Dolphin NYD Alcatraz swimmers:

Place   F.Name         L.Name                    Time

1         Catherine   Breed                        0:16:44

2         Quinn          Fitzgerald                0:17:00

3         Adam           Eilath                        0:17:02

7         Michael      Tschantz-Hahn        0:19:30

9         Noah           Zovickian                 0:19:42

11       Chris            Wagner                    0:20:25

18       Sean            McFadden                0:21:40

19       Laura           Burtch-Zovickian     0:21:42

20       Ross            Browne                     0:21:45

21       Hubert         Chaperon                 0:21:50

32       Danny          De Leon                    0:24:04

35       Gina            Rus                            0:24:24

37       Tom             Neill                         0:24:30

41       Terry            Huwe                        0:24:46

42       Chris            Germain                   0:24:50

44       Mickey         Lavelle                     0:25:25

47       Kala             Sherman-Presser    0:26:10

49       Anna            Olsen                        0:26:18

55       Rich             Haymes                    0:26:50

59       Joseph        Cannata                   0:27:22

61       Timothy       Kreutzen                   0:27:38

69       Nash            Mittelman               0:29:15

70       Kevin           Whalen                    0:29:29

79       Andy            Stone                        0:30:29

85       Kathleen     Duffy                         0:31:53

The Dolphin NYD Alcatraz swimmers not listed in the SERC results* are: Peter Bartu, Thomas Brown, Ricardo Charles, Sean Lavelle, Joseph Marenda, Jon Nakamura, Marton Siklos, Matt Stromberg.

*These swimmers did complete the swim and have earned a qualified swim toward the annual Dolphin Club Golden Gate and Alcatraz swims.

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