Under the Stars Swim – Saturday, July 21 – 8:30 PM

Some of you have expressed an interest in an Out of Cove evening swim.  Here it is – something completely different!

Sign-up sheets are up for the Under the Stars evening swim, Saturday July 21.  It’s a 8:30 PM jump. The course is an Inside-Outside (Beach to Inside Breakwater to Creakers and Outside Breakwater to Opening to Beach – 1 Mile).

This is a qualifying swim for Alcatraz and Golden Gate.

Here is how the timing looks:

7:00-7:45 pm                   Sign In

7:45  pm                          Pilot Briefing

8:00  pm                          Swim Briefing

8:30 pm                           Jump (DC Beach Start)

We always have ‘help’ opportunities – You will need 3 helps to qualify for the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz swims – So get them checked off early!

We will need help at the following posts:

Check In – Eric Shupert                       Eps307@hotmail.com

Timing – Polly Rose                             pollyrose1612@gmail.com

Galley – John Hornor                           hornor.01@gmail.com

Clean up – Neal Powers                      nipowers@earthlink.net

Please contact these people directly.

If this is your first swim of the year, the check-in desk will collect the annual $50 swim fee from you.  If this is your first 2018 swim AND your membership is listed with a club other than the Dolphin Club, please bring a copy of your USMS card.

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