Walt Schneebeli Over 60 Swim – Saturday, September 1

The swimmer sign-up sheet has been posted for the Walt Schneebeli Over 60 Cove swim on Saturday September 1(Tidebooks list this swim’s date incorrectly as the schedule changed)

3 courses:

A  Appleton (ok… Eppleton) Hall

B is for Buoy line

C is for Cove

Here’s the timing:

Check-in             8:00 – 8:30

Dock Briefing       9:15

Jump                   9:30

We always have HELP opportunities – You will need 3 helps to qualify for the Alcatraz Swim.  We will need help at the following posts (Please contact these people directly):

Check-in: Eric Shupert              eps307@hotmail.com

Timing:  Polly Rose pollyrose     1612@gmail.com

Galley:  John Horner                   hornor.01@gmail.com

Clean Up:  Neal Powers             nipowerssf@gmail.com

USMS membership is encouraged but not required.

BRING BACK THE PLAQUE!  Here is an easy link to Sign up for the DC/SERC Triathlon – Saturday, September 8

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