2019 Pride Swim

June 15, 2019

The traditional Pride Swim was hosted this year by South End Rowing Club (SERC) with the jump at Coghlan Beach.  The finish order and the times were not important enough to capture since this swim was for fun and based on the smiles on the faces of the swimmers, all of whom finished, the swim was a great success – so was being greeted by a shot of Irish Coffee at the end.  Swimmers, like the pilots and the helpers, are listed in alphabetical order: all Dolphin swimmers finished and were recorded with a qualifying swim for the Golden Gate and for Alcatraz.


Jean Allan, Dean Badessa, Cynthia Barnard, Lindzy Bivings, Darryl Carbonaro, Charlie Cross, Peter Cullinan, Jim Ebert, Evelyn Fisher, Matthias Fore, Stuart Gannes, Laura Grubb, John Henderson, Nancy Hornor, John Hornor, Carolyn Hui, Terry Huwe, Margaret Keenan, Tim Kline, Bastiaan Koch, Kristina Kordesch, Wendy Kordesch, Susan Lauritzen, Kristy Leffers, Matthew Leffers, Mark Lenz, Lauren Lesyna, Rose Levien, Kate Matthay, Marcy Michael, Stuart Moulder, Lorna Newlin, Hal Offen, Thomas Partridge, Will Powning, Jason Prodoehl, Holly Reed, Marie Sayles, Sona Sondhi, Cheryl Wallace, Zachary Walton, Jeff White, Janice Wood


Eric Altenburger, Jon Bielinski, John Blackman, Duke Dahlin, Doug James, Brian Kiernan, Timothy Kreutzen, Aniko Kurczinak, Thomas McCall, Mikhail Melnikov, George Morris, Tom Neill, Jesse Pence, Alexis Pope, John Robiola, Robin Rome, Julian Sapirstein, Kathleen Sheridan, Diane Walton


Dean Badessa, Andrew Cassidy, Carol Clark, Peter Cullinan, Nancy Hornor, John Hornor, Mara Iaconi, Timothy McElligott, Jacqueline McEvoy, Lorna Newlin, Breanne Overton, Nanda Palmieri, Thomas Partridge, Donald Thornburg, John Thorpe

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