Gas House Cove Fun Swim – Saturday June 1

Sign-up sheets are up for the Gas House Cove Swim, Saturday, June 1.  

We walk to Fort Mason and jump off the dock, swim out through Gas House Cove and back to Aquatic Park with a flood – distance: 1 mile.

Here’s the timing:

7:00-7:45      Sign in

7:45               Pilot briefing

8:00              Swim briefing

8:15              Walk to Gas House Cove

9:00               Jump

We always have ‘help’ opportunities – You will need 3 helps to qualify for the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz swims.

We will need help at the following posts: 

Clothes Wranglers – Rebecca Wolski

(min. 3 needed – AND you get to park in the Dolphin Club driveway)  

Check In – Eric Shupert –                   

Timing – Polly Rose                           

Galley – Nanda Palmieri                   

Clean up – Steve Carlson                 

Please contact these people directly.

If this is your first swim of the year, the check-in desk will collect the annual $55 swim fee from you.  

If this is your first 2019 swim AND your membership is listed with a club other than the Dolphin Club, please bring a copy of your USMS card.  

You will also need to sign the annual Dolphin Club Swim waiver.  Here is a link:

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